New-level Experience for Crypto Users Worldwide

  • ported to PySide 6.2.1
  • database engine has been changed from the ‘sqlite3’ package to the ‘bmnsqlite’ package
  • full database encryption with AES-XTS cipher
  • new database table structure
  • setting the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH environment variable
  • setting the QQmlEngine.offlineStoragePath property
  • some command line option name has been renamed to be more readable
  • limited download of data from the server (16MiB)
  • QML: Keyboard navigation optimization
  • convenient U1/UX wallet;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • open-source crypto wallet;
  • cross-platform wallet;
  • advanced encryption technologies applied.
  • exchange coins conveniently at any time;
  • availability for arranging operations using cryptocurrencies and money;
  • an already available option to exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin;
  • an upcoming feature of dealing with other crypto-currencies;
  • short turnaround time;
  • security features of advanced nature;
  • saving more money that becomes especially noticeable while dealing with large sums.




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Ally Lorsen

Ally Lorsen

Hey! Sharing the most interesting!

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